Melissa Allen

Empower Yourself - Reclaim your life with Pilates & Movement

My passion is helping individuals who are experiencing chronic pain incorporate a precise blend of movement to relieve their discomfort, so they can feel stronger, reclaim their life and do what they love best.

Live Classes

Join me for a live-streamed or in-person group class!

On Demand

Take class with me on your schedule - anytime, anywhere.

1-1 Sessions

A private session customized just for you and your needs.

Current Offerings

MELT Method

MELT is a revolutionary self-care system designed to help you improve performance, and eliminate the mental and physical stress that accumulates from daily living, before it causes persistent pain and dysfunctions.


In-Person Pilates classes utilize large Pilates equipment, including Reformer, Tower and Chair for a full body workout. Each class is limited to 3 participants so individualized attention and necessary modifications can be given. Online Mat Pilates offers a great total body, at-home workout.

Strength Training

This is a great class that incorporates small hand weights (or household items with some weight to them) 2-8 lb weights recommended. Instructor, Kristin Smith, keeps a watchful eye on all participants to be sure safe and effective form is used throughout.



I have almost 20 years’ experience teaching Pilates and contemporary movement. Knowledgeable, sensitive and mindful, I give each client the personal attention they desire so they break past their limitations and reach their goals. To ensure clients are comfortable and achieve results as fast as possible, I also regularly add to my toolbox of proven, science- based movement techniques through continuing education.

I earned my foundational movement certification from STOTT Pilates in Toronto, a rigorous 7-month, full time professional training program, which included a 100-hour apprenticeship to hone my expertise. I have received certifications from Sue Hitzmann, creator of the MELT Method, and PJ O’Clair, a leader in Fascial Fitness and Fascial Movement, as well as trained in Anatomy Trains for Movement Professionals and various advanced Pilates courses.

Most of my clients suffer from limited mobility, stiff and achy joints, and an all-over feeling of weakness. Working with me in a safe, fun, supportive space, they rebuild strength and flexibility from the inside out and with this newfound strength comes healing. My greatest joy is witnessing my clients’ transformation as they create a more balanced, energetic and confident version of themselves.


Brilliant. Effective. Healing. Melissa has an eye so trained she can see misalignment immediately. This, combined with her knowledge of the body, works incredibly well together as she suggests movements and exercises that have improved my ability to move and reduced my pain more than physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, or yoga ever have. If you’re considering working with her, let me assure you, you will not be disappointed.


Melissa has helped me emerge stronger from – knee and hip replacements, gall bladder surgery, and staying strong to live with a challenging back. I have always been amazed at her eagle-eyed perception of my movement. She misses nothing, and the resulting guidance is that I walk straighter, pain free in the end, maintaining my sense of humor and benefitting from her care and kindness. So glad to know Melissa has been there for me.


Melissa is an outstanding Pilates instructor, enthusiastic in her teaching, prepared for every session often with a new challenge knowing just how hard to push, and full of encouragement. Working with Melissa, I always feel like I have a true cheerleader on my side and a friend who wants only the best for me as she makes Pilates an integral part of my life.


Working with Melissa, I've gotten stronger, I have a better understanding of what's important to help keep my body healthy and I've had fun too. She's an excellent teacher, supportive and encouraging! MELT must be the best kept secret in fitness, I hope more people will give it a try. Melissa's commitment to MELT helps to make her a skilled teacher, her enthusiasm helps me to keep taking her classes. My back feels better than it has for years.