Hi, I'm Melissa!

I have almost 20 years’ experience teaching Pilates and contemporary movement. Knowledgeable, sensitive and mindful, I give each client the personal attention they desire so they break past their limitations and reach their goals. To ensure clients are comfortable and achieve results as fast as possible, I also regularly add to my toolbox of proven, science- based movement techniques through continuing education.

I earned my foundational movement certification from STOTT Pilates in Toronto, a rigorous 7-month, full time professional training program, which included a 100-hour apprenticeship to hone my expertise. I have received certifications from Sue Hitzmann, creator of the MELT Method, and PJ O’Clair, a leader in Fascial Fitness and Fascial Movement, as well as trained in Anatomy Trains for Movement Professionals and various advanced Pilates courses.

Most of my clients suffer from limited mobility, stiff and achy joints, and an all-over feeling of weakness. Working with me in a safe, fun, supportive space, they rebuild strength and flexibility from the inside out and with this newfound strength comes healing. My greatest joy is witnessing my clients’ transformation as they create a more balanced, energetic and confident version of themselves.

I love hiking all over New England with my husband, but also appreciate a good book to relax at the end of the day. My favorite Fall pastime is watching my son on the soccer field!

A portion of my Training and Certifications include:

- MELT Method Teaching Assistant, 2022
- MELT Method Levels 2-5, 2017-2021
- MELT Method Hand & Foot, 2016
- Fascial Fitness, 2015
- CrossFit Mobility Trainer Course, 2015
- CrossFit L-1 Trainer Course, 2014
- Injuries & Special Populations, 2014
- TRX Suspension Trainer Certification, 2011
- ACSM Personal Training Course, 2008
- Athletic Conditioning on the Reformer, 2008
- Postural Analysis, 2008
- Pilates Anatomy, 2007
- STOTT Pilates Full Certification, including Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels, and Injury & Special Populations, 2003